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Sheetfed Offset
Sakurai, OLIVER 272 EP ll, 2006 (Ref.:M6149)
Year: 2006   Size: 520 x 720 mm   
Price: on request   
SPC - Sakurai plate changing system
Blanket wash
High pile delivery
Perfecting 1/1-2/0
plate punch
powder apparatus
Olivermatic continuous dampening system
Heidelberg, Printmaster GTO 52-2, 2001 (Ref.:M6152)
Year: 2001   Size: 360mm x 520mm   Impression: 32 mio.   
Price: on request   
sheet feeder
preloading device
electropneumatic missing/misaligned sheet detector
electromechanical and ultrasonic double-sheet detector
pushing mark
alcohol-free direct continuous dampening system
circulation and cooling system
16-roller inking unit including ink fountain roller
laser-slit blade-type ink fountain
maximum lateral distribution 25mm
lateral distribution, manuel adjustable
chromed plate cylinder
coarse circumferential register adjustment 360°
fine adjustment for cicumferential regis
fine adjustment for lateral register +/-
Ryobi, 522 HEE, 2005 (Ref.:M6215)
Year: 2005   Size: 360 x 520 mm   Impression: 42 Mio.   
Price: on request   
2-colour straight machine
speed: 11.000 i.p.h.
Max paper size 520 X 365 mm
Min paper size: 100 X 150 mm
Ryobimatic dampening
SAPC plate change
powder unit
Ryobi, 522 HXX, 2002 (Ref.:M6243)
Year: 2002   Size: 360 x 520 mm   
Price: on request   
Heidelberg, SPEEDMASTER 74-4-P3, 1999 (Ref.:M6201)
Year: 1999   Size: 520 x 720 mm   Impression: 89 mio.   
Price: on request   
Perfecting 3/1
Dampening System Alcolor
Water pan roller crowned
Dampening solution circulation and cooling combination unit
Combination device version with alcohol
CPC, control system ClassicCenter
Printing unit control: With sample sheet holder
Blanket cylinder chromium-plated
Blanket washup device conventional inks
Type of clamping: AutoPlate
Jackets transfer drums structural chrome
Feeder special accessory: Pile support p
Feeder extra accessory: With interface adapter
Powder spray device Alphatronic 200
Roland, R 304 HOB, 1998 (Ref.:M6251)
Year: 1998   Size: 530 x 740 mm   Impression: 163 mio   
Price: on request   
Auto Blanket and Ink Wash
RCI remote control inking
CPL automatic plate change system with diagonal register
Rolandmatic Delta dampening
Electronical double sheet control
photo-electronical sidelay control
electronical sidelay control
electronical sidelay control with acoustic warning signal
wash device for impression cylinders
ink-roller wash device
remote register adjustment
suction tape feed board
nonstop delivery manuel
Standard equipped machine
impression, balanket, plate cylinders c
Heidelberg, Speedmaster CD 102-4, 2007 (Ref.:M6268)
Year: 2007   Size: 720mm 1020mm   Impression: 236 mio.   
Price: on request   
CP 2000, Alkolor Dampening, Autoplate, Automatic Roller wasch, Grafik Powder Sprey,
Ink Remote Control, Touch-Screen Control, Autosize
Heidelberg, SM 52-4P, 2000 (Ref.:M6271)
Year: 2000   Size: 360 x 520 mm   Impression: 53 Mio.   
Price: on request   
Alcolor + Technotrans
Manual ink control
Washing devices automatic
Sakurai, OL466SD, 2007 (Ref.:M6253)
Year: 2007   Size: 660 x 508 mm   Impression: 52 mio.   
Price: on request   
Stream feeder
HiPile delivery – 800 cm
SAS Sakurai Auto Set
Powder Grafix Digital
SCC – Sakurai Control Console
SCC III with LAN and CIP 3
SCC III with spectraldensitometer
SAS – Sakurai Auto Set
QSS – Quick Standby System
All automat. wachers
Coater Harris Bruno, lenght 896 mm
Long delivery – 2,129 m
IR-Dryer GraphiSet
Antistatic System
Heidelberg, SPEEDMASTER 74-5 P3+LX, 2002 (Ref.:M6256)
Year: 2002   Size: 52 x 74 cm   Impression: 196 mio   
Price: on request   
2/3 Perfector or 5/0 Straight,
CP2000 Console,
Alcolor Damp,
Standard Roller Coater,
Technotrans R&R,
Master Flow Ink roller Chiller,
Grafix Powder Spray,
Grafix IR Dryer
Heidelberg, Speedmaster CD 102-5+L, 2007 (Ref.:M6254)
Year: 2007   Size: 720mm x 1020mm   Impression: 89 mio   
Price: on request   
Prinect Center
Console,Intellitrax Scanner, Alcolor Damp,
Autoplate, Blanket Wash, Roller Wash,
Technotrans R&R Beta C, Heidelberg
Drystar 2000 IR Dryer,
Standard Roller Coater,
AirStar, Weko Powder Spray
Roland, R 705 3B LW, 2006 (Ref.:M6245)
Year: 2006   Size: 740 x 1040 mm   
Price: on request   
Grapho Metronic FM19
Deltamatic damping
Ink Temperature Control
KBA, Rapida 74-C / 5, 2007 (Ref.:M6230)
Year: 2007   Size: 60,5 x 74 cm   Impression: 80 mio.   
Price: on request   
Paper Format: Max. 60,5x74cm, Paper Format: Min. 32x33cm, Print Format Max. 58,5x73,5cm, Blanket
Format: 74x74x5cm, Steel Plate in Feeder and Delivery, Feeder Stacking Height: 840mm, Delivery
Stacking Height: 920mm, SAPC - Semi Auto Plate Change, GrafiControl Panel with Axial- and
Radialregister, X-RITE Densitometer, CIP 4, Double Dia Meter Impression Cylinder for Carton
Printing, Cylinder Cocking, Ecomatic-Film Dampening with Technotrans Alpha d with Combicontrol
Cooling Refrigeration, Ultrasonic Double Sheet Control, Pneumatic Sidelays, Auto Wash-Up Devices for
Blankets, Impression Cylinders and Ink-Rollers, Ink Temperature Control, High Pile Delivery, IR
Dryer, Grafix Powder Sprayer, Paper Thickness: from 0.05mm to 0,6mm, Capacity: 15000 S/H
Roland, R 705 3B, 2004 (Ref.:M6250)
Year: 2004   Size: 790 x 1030 mm   Impression: 64 mio   
Price: on request   
Speed: 16.000 s/h
RCI 2 Ink Control Remote Job Card
CCI colour regulation
Semi Automatic Plate Change
Roland Dampening System
Extra and NEW Accessories Included:
Densitometer Techkon
Techkon Presslink with Closed-Loop and D
DPM (Display Press Monitoring Software)
Automatic washing devices (rollers, blan
Roland, R 705 3B LW, 2006 (Ref.:M6249)
Year: 2006   Size: 740 x 1040 mm   Impression: 128 mio   
Price: on request   
APL Automatic Plate Change
Approx 128 mio impress.
Insonorgraf Model 2P (soundproof cabin)
Rolandmatic Dampening
Technotrans Refrigeration BETA D60L -MRO-
Rittal Top Therm SK 3128 100
Anilox Rollers 80 and 120 lines
Roland Seccomatic
Compressor Atlas Copco
Graphometronic TC NT3 950
Druck Chemie Print Liquid Technology
Ink Temperature Control
Max Speed 16,000 sheet/h
Auto Ink roller Washes
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